I'm an aspiring illustrator with a BFA in Industrial Design. I nearly became a scientist before realizing my calling as an artist, and then spent the next four years studying industrial design. It was interesting, and fun, but what I really am passionate about is comics and illustration.

So I have set off on my own in search of freelance work. Through this I have had the ability to do conceptual artwork with a start-up children's company called Zookledoo, as well as some storyboards for a movie pitch. Then, if I'm not currently working some mindless non-art related job, I try to submit to whatever contests I can find. Recently I was one of the winners for the Pan's Labyrinth Sketchbook Competition. And, as of the second week of December, you can see one of my comics at Raina Telgemeier's Smile site.

I hope that in the future I will be able to support myself through art. But until then...


E-mail: lzuccarin@yahoo.com

Feel free to contact me for any reason - commissions would be great!